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With Sydney’s limited and inflexible venues and strict lock out laws, many people look to host a party in their own home. This makes sense as it offers flexibility, intimacy and the ability to entertain guests in the comfort of your own home. Many of the pitfalls which come from hiring random venues can also be avoided. Plus there is often a large cost saving which could be much better spent on entertaining you and your guests. 

One of the key components of hosing a successful party is setting appropriate mood and atmosphere, and ensuring  your guests are appropriately entertained. This usually involves organising party entertainment such as a DJ and or live musician and decorating your venue with lighting and  other props, making it feel less like your home and more like an intimate and exciting space. 


RiffMix Creative DJ Entertainment specialises in party entertainment by proving custom and all in one DJ, live entertainment and audio visual packages specifically tailored to events like yours. RiffMix has the experience to make the most out of your home or venue with minimal disruption or impact. We’ve helped many clients host successful parties in their own homes and know how to plan and prepare while providing awesome and exciting party entertainment. One of our most popular packages is a DJ accompanied by a live musician, usually a sax, percussionist or guitarist. This adds an exciting live element and offers the best of both worlds.


It’s important to visit any prospective venue personally to get the best ideas on how to maximise the space. The following entertainment related items should be considered and discussed in detail with the client.

  • Is there a particular theme which music should adhere to?
    • Obviously a themed event needs to feel realistic and so mood and music are crucial to create that special atmosphere. RiffMix can advise and work with you to chose the perfect music.
  • What kind of mood and party lighting would be necessary to create the desired atmosphere?
    • RiffMix offers various lighting and AV packages which can be tailored to your particular event.
  • What kind of music is required and what is the format of the night?
    • Even without a theme it’s still worthwhile discussing the music during the different parts of the evening. RiffMix enjoy taking the time to understand clients music tastes and preferences. This pays dividends in ensuring expectations are met. You’d be disappointed if what the DJ had in mind was totally contrary to what you were expecting. You know your tastes so DJ’s don’t always know best, though many don’t like to admit it.
  • Where the DJ and live entertainment should be situated?
    • It’s important to have the entertainment situated in an optimal location which maximises their impact but still allows quiet zones for guests to chat without yelling. Contrary to what some DJs seem to believe, the music volume needs to be regulated for comfort and chatter, especially early on in the evening.
  • Where the guests will be arriving and leaving from?
    • Having entertainment placed in the way of entering or exiting guests is less optimal. Home events can be tight so the trick is maximizing available space and reducing the entertainers footprint.
  • Where and how to create the dance floor?
    • Taking all other things into consideration and having an accurate idea of how many people will want to dance is important. Can furniture be moved? Where can it be stored? Does a drop sheet need to be put down? Where will the disco lights be placed? Where can drinks be placed to avoid spillage?
  • Specifics of any speeches or formalities?
    • Ensuring the DJ has a run sheet with the times and specifics of any formalities will ensure a smooth and professional feel. Most importantly make sure a mic will be ready.
  • What to do in the event of bad weather?
    • A bad weather plan is crucial. First choice may be the garden but what will happen if it’s wet or windy. Ensure the indoor space is suitable and can be configured if need be.
  • Issues to consider such as neighbour disturbance and how to mitigate this?
    • The last thing anyone wants is an irate neighbour or the pesky local cops itching to issue you a noise abatement interrupting your party in full swing. This can usually be avoided by informing your neighbours well in advance and inviting them where appropriate. Most of the time they won’t turn up but will usually appreciate the offer. And if they do turn up, it’s an opportunity to get to know them better. Allow neighbours a convenient option to contact you about noise. Make sure its checked periodically. This is important as it will do more harm than good if neighbours can’t get in touch. Let the neighbours know about the exact times of the event and try and stick to it. Or at least make sure it quietens down after that point. Make sure the DJ is aware of this. Some DJ’s can get carried away and don’t know how to manage volume. 
  • How to ensure the party dos not get out of hand and nothing is damaged?
    • Again this can be down to the DJ and how they manage volume and music. Make sure your DJ is aware of crowd control and how to mitigate this. Raucous rock songs with people head banging and doing crazy air guitar can be fun but its best to tone it down or change the vibe before the mosh pit begins.



Last festive season I received an enquiry to provide entertainment for private garden party at a beautiful harbour side home in Point Piper. Mila wanted to host a Christmas party for around 60 guests and asked me to put together an entertainment package. I arranged a time and met Mila at her property where we discussed through all the proceeding details. We then discussed the type of music she wanted. I had my laptop with my large music library with me and also utilising streaming services we put together various playlists. This is always very helpful when planning the basis for the evenings music. Mila had also had two special requirements which involved DJ’ing alongside a live sax player and incorporating the singing of certain Christmas carols at a particular time. 

One day of the event I arrived with plenty of time to bump in the lighting and sound gear. The weather was fine so I set up the lighting and music in the outside configuration I had previously presented.  I was DJ’ing alongside a sax player so we preformed a sound check and went over our set list for the evening.

Mila had a number of cultural music requests which I mixed into the general playlists. I mix my music by musical key and tempo so the tunes flow smoothly and I also arrange brackets of similar sound, styles and genera’s. This allows people to really get into the groove rather than jumping between different songs too often. It’s a fine balance but one which comes from being an experienced DJ.

Guests began arriving from 6pm. I warmed them with some sunset lounge, smooth jazz and café Del Mar vibes. This accompanied the sax perfectly. Once it was dark and people had eaten I picked up the vibe. The dance floor filled and the foot tapping transformed into some truly impressive and unorthodox dance moves. When song time arrived I had a microphone ready for the big moment. Before anyone knew it, Christmas carols are being lustily belted out, echoing through the Streets of Point Piper. Luckily the neighbours had been warned and may even have joined in.

By the end of the evening the party was in full swing. Midnight came and went and no one had left so two extra hours were arranged. We discussed the neighbour ramification and luckily for Mila her closest neighbours where attending but none the less we dimmed the volume out of curtesy.

I started winding things down before 2am and ended the night with a couple classics and feel good numbers. An hour later everything was packed and tidied. I said my extended goodbyes and called it a night, satisfied with another well planned and successful event.